Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Give Away a big bunch of fabrics

This is my first give-away, I'm hoping it won't be my last ;)

The rules are simple:

1) follow this blog!
2) tell me what's your favorite fabric print ever (I love to be inspired ;) )

Now, here's what you can get your hands on, if you are the lucky one:

Half yard of Pretty Girl (44 x 110 cm)
Half yard of Schools out linen (60 x 110 cm, ok, a little bigger than a regular half yard)
Half yard of Great Animals red/blue (45 x 110 cm)
Half yard of Mushrooms and berries white with blue (45 x 110 cm)
Half yard of Ocean blue polkadots (45 x 110 cm)
ONE yard of Cherry blossom forest brown (90 x 110 cm)

Total of 3½ yard absolutely for free!!

This is big give-away, I am aware of that, so do not be disappointed if the next one is a smaller one ;)

The give-away will take place tuesday 9th, 10 pm (GMT+08:00 = LA time 6 am, Denmark 15.00). Fabrics will be sent as soon as possible same week!

Good luck, everyone!!!


  1. I simply love: Michael Millers, Poppy Fields <3

    Tina Laustsen Vesti


  2. Following your blog. Hmm, very hard to choose a favourite print. At the moment though I would say the spotted owl print by Alexander Henry is a big contender. :)

    Lovely giveaway!

  3. My favorite fabric is from you, it is Retro mushrooms pink! I just love it!!
    I hope I will be the lucky winner of this lovely give away!
    I just started my own very first give away today:)
    Rikke (

  4. I LOVE the hippo print fabric! :-)

  5. i would have to say my favorite print is the mini dachshunds on red. They're just so cute! Dachshund fabric has become a problem for me, I can't stop buying it! But I love to make stuff with it and always donate a portion to dachshund rescues :-)
    Good luck with your move!!

  6. anything from Japan because they are all so cute! safe travels to you and your family!

  7. Hej Tine
    Håber det er okay at jeg skriver på dansk. Jeg vil meget gerne deltage i din lækre give-away. Det er svært at vælge noget yndlings, så jeg må skrive retro stoffer i pasteller:-)
    Kh Julie

  8. Hi Tine,
    Just received the first of hopefully many deliveries. Wonderfull fabric!
    My favorite print is (at this moment)flower power black! Wanna mix it whith some coral cotton for at summer dress :o).

  9. My favorite is flower power black not the only one,who likes that..wonderfull are trip..


  10. Hi!
    My favorite print is cloverleaf and bee's
    I like bees,they are cute and cloverleaf repersents luckily, I couldn't help but choose it!

    Have a nice day!!


  11. Boy, it's tough to pick a favorite fabric because it would be dependent on my mood and what I'm planning to sew, etc. I found a print today that I'm just itching to get my hands on, though. It's Lovebirds by Leanika. Love the colors and the birds.
    This giveaway looks great--thanks a bunch for offering it!

  12. Hej Tine, mine to favoritter er Liberty Elysian blå og Strawberry thief lilla. Dem bruger jeg i små mængder som lommer eller lækre detaljer, når jeg syr :)
    Hvor dan er du endt helt omme på den anden side af jorden? Jeg glæder mig til at læse med :)

    Klem fra

  13. Min favorit er Magic Mushroom i blå! Får altid masser af komplimenter når min datter har bukserne på i dette stof (som desværre er ved at være for små.. ;-)
    Held og lykke med flytningen! Skal I bo i Shanghai? Det er jo en fed by..

    Kh Louise

  14. Hei, så kommentaren din hos (som jeg kom innom siden hun hadde lagt igjen kommentar på give-away'en min)..og bytinster hørtes så kjent ut så jeg måtte ta en titt innom her :) Kom over Etsy-butikken din tidligere denne uken for ei jeg kjenner har handlet masse stoffer fra deg nå. For noen sammentreff :) Uansett, ble helt forelsket i Etsy butikken din..og har satt opp den ønskelisten, må bare først tjene litt penger etter jeg handlet 1000 glidelåser i forrige uke..
    Yndlingsstoffet mitt er det med lilla paraplyer, tror det hadde virkelig blitt kult som en av pungene jeg lager!

    Lykke til med flyttingen og ta gjerne en titt innom meg, har også en give-away gående :)

    Vennlig hilsen Gunn

  15. Dear Tine,

    I can't tell you how happy and lucky I feel for meeting you and having wonderful transactions with you! It's a pleasure from the first minute we start to communicate untill I receive my fabrics in super-speed! I'm amazed with the quality, colors and prints you offer and I must say about the reasonable prices and sales you offer! you're simply amazing! I LOVE shopping from you!
    My fav fabrics are LOTS OF, but please list more POLKA DOTS, florals, fruits, kawaii animals, I adore BUNNIES...
    Wishing you good luck and safe travel to China! Hugs to you and your lovely kids!
    Will be looking forward to your shop re-opening!

  16. Hi :)
    I absolutely adore your Retro style fabric. I like the one that has the navy blue background with orange flowers on it. (I have to smile evertime I see it) Plus, I love the texture of the fabric. I'm making the most charming purse out of it. Best wishes to you on your move. Hope your shop opens real soon.
    New follwers --- Alayna

  17. Hi Tine,
    good luck with the move.
    i love all jappanese fabrics, i realy like the one with the print of the mole under the mushroom, it's so sweet.
    Best regard Dikla

  18. Whau, what a give away.

    I love polkadots and spirals.

    :-) Mette C.

  19. My favorite fabric is junko onishi's fortune flowers in fall. I have 1.5 yards left and holding onto it for dear life! Fabric collectors are funny like that :)

    kind regards,

  20. I love the owls on pink or blue, so adorable. That's my favorite for now, but that could change any day because there are so many lovely fabrics coming out.

    Thanks for this contest! How exciting! And good luck on your move.

  21. my favorite fabric ever must be the one from kokka with the huge flowers..... LOVE IT.

  22. Hello Tine! What a great giveaway...Wow!
    I like any fabric that is different from the big fabric stores. It's very exciting for me to order from your shop because everything you offer is unique and sure not to be found in a Canadian store. I am also a huge fan of anything with a great texture. I just love the way fabric feels in my hand.

    Wishing you many happy moments when you reunite with your husband!


  23. I would have to say my favorite print would be white linen mix with pink flowers.

  24. Hej Tine
    Dejligt at finde dig her inde også.
    Sidder og kigger lidt efter stof fra dig og faldt lige over din blogspot i samme omgang ;o)

    Aner slet ikke hvilket print der er mit favorit, men du kan da kigge lidt ind på min blog og blive inspireret af print jeg selv laver. Tænkte på om du måske har kontakt til en fabrik der laver stof, for så kunne det da være sjovt at få produceret nogle af dem.

    Kh Mette