Monday, November 29, 2010


Ok - I admit it, the whole blogging thing is just not my scene. I love reading other people's blogs but oddly enough I can't get it together to compose posts creatively and funny to fill up the space in here.

I have tons on my mind, I guess it's because I have to use a secure VNP internet-router (what ever) to even get on blogger site, which is slow and sometimes not an easy access, that it gets on my nerve so much, that I give up. I need the VNP (VPN??) to get on certain sites, since China have decided to block out some of the very fun ones I need to stay in touch with the world - like facebook, twitter, blogger and even IMDB where I scout around alot. Or used to...

That is why I am now starting a newsletter. I found this great site that helps you create newsletters very easy. And I don't have to use a different router to get in :)

If you want to sign up - please do - you can either sign up with the form to the right or send me an email. Please go here to find it

Thank you all for your support!

Warm regards,

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  1. I justed signed up, looking forward to recieve your newsletter:)
    Got a nice package of fabric from you the other day, thank you for quick delivery:)